starting to figure out that this is where all of my computing notes will go

Importantly, I would love for the notebook alone to be a collection of markdown files that are written out into svelte syntax

So you want to make a website

let's complicate things

I'm starting pacstrap.io back up. I already own the domain (purchased from google domains). I have a computer to host the website from (web services computer). I want to run my website from my own home (literally). I have a tech stack in mind.

svelte requires a few bits to set up the way that i would like (i.e. static.)

start off by running npm create svelte@latest app-name. set up for static site rendering by installing the adapter-static and replicating the config inside of svelte.config.js. lastly remember to put in a +layout.js

running npm run build after this should work flawless. i am filling out the framework for what i would like pacstrap io to be. first i want it to be a notebook (similar to the markdown one that i take). second i want it to be a blog - essentially blog entries about doing a thing and the outcome (this would be more polished and long form whereas the notebook is stream of thought). lastly i want to have a references section. the references is where i can store code im usually scrambling for when it comes to remembering the simple things. ref and blog can nearly be similar if a blog entry is about remembering how i solved or implemented a thing.

i'm going to copy in the ship.sh file from bil-dev and edit it to match pacstrap.

Workflow ideas

for any website project, i want to have a shipped site living at the correct domain and a dev site (live) on a forwarded ip/port combo. the live server should be screen (background) instance of npm run dev.