distributed computing system problems

to start a new notebook entry make a folder with the date, add a +page.svelte file, and then in the notebook page, add an anchor link entry to the new page.

I am at the tech campus. fairly happy with the file store project. however there are certain tweaks that need to be considered as I try to use the file store across devices. first - tinyphone without an updated browser cannot access websites built with svelte. there is something about the compatability there and I'm not sure what to do (because I want to keep using svelte).

interesting tiny phone note.

a font detour

when making these sites - one of the first style changes that I care about is the font family used. I want to stick to a rule of two or three fonts.

I am on Dafont looking for the right fonts for this site. I would like the body to be serif and fixed width but with a more book-ly feel to it.I found Verily Serif Mono, downloaded it, and added it to the svelte projects's static/fonts folder. I renamed the file to verily.otf for ease of typing.

I really like the look of Verily.

To get it working, I set the used css to load the font in the top-level +layout.svelte file and the used the :global(p) selector to make it apply to all downstream files. A bil-standards approach to these svelte writing projects is to minimize individual page styling.

@font-face {
    font-family: "fulbo";
    font-style: normal;
    src: local(""), url("/fonts/fulbo.otf");

note that svelte does not like curly braces normally (reserved character). so look at the source code for the way to wrap curly braces {"{"} honestly this looks hilarious every time you expand it in source

back to talking tinyphone

i forgot what my tinyphone note was meant to be.

header font

I want to use a sans-serif header font that is as technical as possible without being a coding font. Ok I want to test drive using Nordica - it's super thin and i'm curious how it will look.

I'm sort of ok with the "thin" variant of the font. Let's keep it for some time.

File Store Tweaks and Bugs

the filestore worked on tinyphone for taking a photo and uploading it (even though the app failed to list the available files). however, on trying to show the image on the foldyphone, firefox was just downloading any file that i selected as a .json even when the link showed the real file extension.

On my macbook with firefox, filestore was downloading correctly. A google search led me to a forum where people were talking about content-type maybe being the problem (i.e. the http is inferred as being application/json since it is never set or set improperly). On the api-falcon side, I decided to add a response.content_type="" to the code block where the file is found and set as downloadable. The empty string seems to be enough to let firefox mobile let the content type follow the extension.

Setting max blog width

back to doing some cleaning up - i want to limit the ridiculous wideness that is default on browsers.

:global(body) {
    max-width: 60ch;
    margin: 0 auto 0 auto;

blindly aiming at the body - kill the margins, make left and right margins auto (therfore centering the column). don't let the width go beyond 60 characters. Then in the p selector, add a 1rem margin to create visual separation between headers and body

this is pleasant to read now.

however disorganized it may be.

Publish the site.

since i already set up the project with my own ship script ship.sh, static site generation, correct nginx config (not true!), and more.

npm run build > npm run ship

Late night edits and additions

I want my code blocks to look nice.

box-sizing: border-box;    
padding: 0.1rem 0.5rem 0.1rem 0.5rem;
border-radius: 0.3rem;
background-color: rgb(217, 158, 236);
color: whitesmoke;

an interesting pre thing to think about is how the whitespace is handled. I came across a stack overflow post on this here.

for the font, i'm going to try a bitmap font Freecam. not sure if im convinced it looks good but we'll see how i feel in a month. wait. no i hate it right now because it does not have lower case letters. pivot. Going to try pointfree. deleted freecam, added pointfree. oh boy

i love pointfree as a code font.

Fixing nginx

A common svelte static problem is that its layout doesn't match nginx's route expectations. I had already solved this issue with bil.dev and will copy the config for pacstrap

For this config change, it's easier to use a terminal > ssh > emacs in -nw (no window) mode. all we need to do is add a line within the location / block and add a line for

try_files $uri $uri/index.html $uri.html /index.html;