checking raid status from dev computer

the windows program diskpart provides useful disk info. there seem to only be one of the RAID drives appearing in windows. the drive is marked as Type: Spaces which isn't right - it should be RAID.

DISKPART> det dis

    Microsoft Storage Space Device
    Disk ID: {EB27799F-963C-11EA-B049-B42E993DD510}
    Type   : Spaces
    Status : Online
    Path   : 0
    Target : 0
    LUN ID : 1
    Location Path : UNAVAILABLE
    Current Read-only State : No
    Read-only  : No
    Boot Disk  : No
    Pagefile Disk  : No
    Hibernation File Disk  : No
    Crashdump Disk  : No
    Clustered Disk  : No
      Volume ###  Ltr  Label        Fs     Type        Size     Status     Info
      ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
      Volume 6     G   Raid2        NTFS   Partition   1853 GB  Healthy

popped out drive B

harddrive B is the WDwith serial number WCC64N4DF54FH. was removed from computer and the Raid2 drive is still present and mounted at G:\

it appears that disk A is the disk shown in the output above (id ending in B42E993DD510).

clearly i don't know how raid works in windows - it creates same id for both drives and hides the existence of one...

separating raid2

i'm going to move linux, VMs, and applications out to the cruicla 1TB drive since it's not as critical as personal videos

not entirely sure how to solve this problem

I have two 2TB SSDs that would be nice to have in RAID. but honestly the old spinny disks might be enough. something to consider in the future. for the sake of time i'll solve this later. the Raid2 disks can sit in cold storage for now. I'll leave the workspace backups in the DanA4 case as well as the crucial 1Tb drive and whittle down the projects (a major issue is the proliferation of unity projects.)

this is asking for automation - write a program that iterates through my unity projects and deletes any files and folders not related to being able to load the project directly...


data organization

transferring all of workspace drive to the transition data drive.

the worst offenders are the stylegan data and the unity projects on the archive drive. order of operations, all but unity get copied to transition drive


the life of a computer

copyback of VMs

Virtual machines moved from 2 TB transition data drive.

installing virtualbox 7

getting this to load the virtual machine file is hell

first, there is an error that it cannot load (or find) the nvram file.

trying to rename the VDI file also throws an error that it cant register the harddisk since it is already registered.

generating new ssh keys for develop

i want to write updates directly to pacstrap from the develop computer. sidenote - i really miss the keys on the optical bluie keyboard gosh they are just sooooooooo nice feeling.


the defaults work, cat out the .pub and paste into authorized_keys

installing sharpkeys before my pinky starts to hurt

download sharpkeys msi from the github page

map CAPS to CTRL_L

now i'm having a much nicer typing experience. note: i should add this mapping note to reference (along with the hackier windows changes like disabling web search)

actually fixing ArchBox VM

it works!

i had to use the virtual media manager to delete the old reference (this is what was throwing the UUID error after renaming the .vdi file). then i reset the harddrive for the virtual machine and powered up successfully.

i changed the shared folder from the old setup (physical drive called Archive) to a single folder called workspace on the desktop.

updating the arch dist with pacman. it's been a while and is throwing GPG sig errors. the quick hack fix is to reinstall the keyring to trigger updates (rather than remember the command to refresh them...)

sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring

cpu tuning time

time to undervolt this machine with amd's PBO

installed ryzen master to monitor performace and heat and cinema 4d 2024 benchmark software to run the cpu and check for stability issues.

scored 838 on cinebench with no chages.

setting motherboard

scored 845. cpu power capped at 90 W peak clock 4300 Hz

scored 851. cpu power capped at 90 W peak clock 4300 Hz

leaving as is for now

installing terminal

this is so i dont have to use powershell or cmd. annoying that it's done through the microsoft store...

building and running shiba-inu on new station

need to reset the firewall settings and the ip address (and ip forwarding rules on router)

the ip is is still the same (assuming mac address continuity?)

Wiping Gaming computer

this computer was called design

for some reason i thought having a separate computer for blender and art would be a good idea. but i only really used this computer for games and backup of all digital files. I think I still want to keep this as a gaming rig and maybe (just maybe) as a central backup machine (and then make a proper NAS for backing up all my files - organizing my drives...)

changing pacstrap css style

i need more visual space when scrolling to find the h1 blocks quickly (generally because i'm writing top down and need to read the last entry of the first h1)

css selectors with logic! select not first-child

:global(h1:not(:first-child)) {
    margin-top: 12rem;

wiping design computer

the wipe was easy - there were a handful of things still on the desktop that were dev-like. looks like i never really was going to flex on this weird setup - desgin-y but not a workstation, a gaming rig but also a place to store and manage all my files...i really need to just setup a NAS and be done.

after reinstall, generally following the same pattern as for the develop computer. turning most windows things off, switch caps to ctrl, install firefox. installing amd graphics drivers.

games. steam and epic installed. baldurs gate 3, kerbal space program 2, and dave the diver is all.

carbon x1 gen 1 booting

was stuck in bootloop to diagnostics tool a couple time. finally loaded and booted up whatever was on the SSD - a windows 10 install for someone named "even taieb"

leaving a link to a CMOS resettingx1 carbon password reset


all i had to do was pull the CMOS battery wiring under the keyboard - now the good old BIOS screen is avail. excellent - putting the laptop back together now.

now we're cooking with archlinux


the death of a computer

Powersupply Problems

The powersupply on the workstation (DanA4 case) is fried after a few electrical surges. It appears that the surge protector was useless connected to an outlet that had an improper ground. It was the only running computer affected by the surge. the circuit that powers the server rack is correctly grounded and has two layers of surge protection.

I bought an SF850L and a RM850e pwoer supply from newegg. the SF850L isn't going to work as a replacement for the dan-a4 case sinec it is SFX-L sized (not SFX).

I went to microcenter to buy the corsair SF750 platinum plus.

Test Frame

I purchased a pair of computer test bench frames. These are very barebone tslotted rail kits. One was already built. I placed the workstation pc on it along with the newly purchased powersupply and booted up.

Data offloading.

I have to reduce the data footprint I have on the workstation. I have allowed it to bloat way too much. my windows drive is has 200GB free in a 1TB drive and the data drive has 300GB in 1tb free. what a mess.

i have a spare 2 TB SATA drive (new) that I'll use to copy over as much data as possible to wipe the windows drive.

required formatting. this is a completely clean disk. will try to cut-paste move the entire set of unity projects. created new simple volume with drive letter O:\ and the temporary name transition data

unity projects really suck in terms of data management. the ~200 gb worth of projects are copying at 3 mb/s because there are so many small files generated during builds.

2 hours of waiting time...

it's making me rethink how i manage projects. not that it's bad to fire up projects from scratch but importantly i have to keep up with deleting and archiving projects. how does one best archive a project?

thoughts on archiving a unity project and how to automate it.

new SFX-L powersupply

even though i bought it in error i will still use it in the microATX case. the performance metrics and smaller size are desirable over the other standard ATX power supply i got from newegg.

considering hard drives

the bil account bloat is very real. there is 184 GB of space, 122 of which is in the virtualbox VM (this is ok) and then 48 GB in appdata.

biggest major rule. no games, no linux OSS dev on the windows devstation (i.e. dan a4 case).

not sure how i'm going to navigate this...

AORUS Bios VM enable

AORUS calls this SVM mode (enabled) - to launch virtual machines

there are lots of SFF optimizations to make. for now i'm only interested in getting the VM back up and running to make sure that i'm not going to drop any data. however, i should trust that the vm is loadable later on...

A look at the software on dev machine before wipe

the core software on the taskbar

some drive sleuthing

the a6000 backup drive has a folder of heraldry images that were marked as favs and unused. the connect 512g samsung 970 is encrypted and loaded as a secondary drive. will disconnect a6000 backup ssd and test nvme alone. I'm assuming this will be a windows boot (and potentially a copoy of the dev machine back when it was running a smaller drive...)

correct! this is a bitlocker bitlocked drive. I will wipe the whole thing into oblivion on the dev station.

rebuilding the DanA4 case with the 1TB inland drive as secondary

there is a 256g drive that is the old version of the archive SSD on the dev station - I will repurpose it as the virtual machine storage location!

dan case is assembled, now to install windows and wipe over the two drives


i dont have a windows 10 usb available ... creating one with a microcenter 16gb flash drive and the usb media creation tool from microsoft (running on the yoga laptop)

windows 10 install

the install was straight forward from usb drive. on reboot to local disk, followed the windows instructions giving my micrsoft account and declining everything.

once dropped into a account-connect desktop i went into accounts and created a local admin account that isnt associated with a microsoft account. this admin then is able to delete the microsoft account from start

some things i'm doing in no real order

i moved the taskbar to the top cause that is where it belongs.

added ublock origin to firefox

installed the graphics driver without gefroce experience. then changed settings in file explorer to show hidden items, open at MyPC, and show file extensions.

wiping the old Workspace backup drive!!

will call new one Virtual Machines

hit the computer with a reboot (now that nvidia drivers are installed)

i triggered an update check and there are a ton of updates queued. a lot of cumulative updates are happening. i started stacking things back on the taskbar

disabling web search from taskbar. Toms hardware article is helpful. its a regedit hack. first of many...

installing obs and downloading scrcpy (out of habit i'll just leave it in my downloads folder).

final thoughts of the day

things that i still need to do


still wondering what to do about hot module reloading. did the thing work? no. it did not.


Rebuilding bil webservices with the burner laptop as a nginx load balancer and proxy server.

installing arch on the burner laptop

the first problem is that the burner laptop isn't supported by the latest kernel. this means that the touchpad and keyboard aren't functional. needs an external usb keyboard and mouse to operate.

i'll be installing the latest arch and using it only in headless mode. since it's mostly editing nginx configs, I will rely only on using terminal sessions and emacs (i.e. no vscode integration)

using transmission to download 2024.01.01. run the proper dd command for installing. this can be found in ref.

A lot of productivity

in the interim, i completed several computing projects all in one. this has culminated in the server rack being reconfigured and now having a proper load balancer set up for the server rack.

some things i did and learned in no particular order

and some thoughts of what to do next

Creating a dev subdomain for web projects

i want to be able to hit dev.mywebsite.com and have it resolve to the local npm/vite instance. this instead of reading out the ip in plaintext and having an insecure http connection (even though it arguably doesn't matter.)

trying this out with pacstrap.io. went on google domains and added the A record there still pointing to the public ip.

on the load-balancer computer, i'll add a separate entry for dev.pacstrap.io

this is throwing a number of errors in the screen session for vite...

The request url "/home/bil/dev/pacstrap-io/.git/config" is outside of Vite serving allow list.